Dayarn Pharma is a multi-national style organisation with international expertise, regional knowledge and local influence. We operate the most effective model for doing business in the MENA Region, implementing exceptional corporate governance and promotional compliance standards. Dayarn Pharma delivers the highest standards to commercialise brands.


Planning for our partners' success in the MENA region.

Dayarn Pharma marketing evaluates the product potential and delivers a strategic and tactical plan for each partner, based on its regional understanding and market knowledge for the brand. The brand plan includes a full SWOT analysis, product feature and benefits and product positioning critical for the success of every product. Our marketing team is responsible for creating a wide range of promotional materials, detail aids and brand reminders, to support the promotional activities of the sales force. E-detailing is a new but growing trend in the region and our team has the capabilities to deliver promotional messages using these iPad based technologies to engage more effectively with our key customers.



Delivering excellence through the effective execution of the tactical marketing plans.

Our dedicated and experienced sales force delivers planned sales through the effective execution of each strategic marketing plan. Product and therapy area knowledge are critical for a sales team to deliver its goals and when combined with consistent and regular selling skills training, the team is able to show sales success comparable to and often exceeding those of other regional sales teams. In addition to the pharmacy and medical representatives, the Dayarn sales teams also have dedicated product promoters to create demand in pharmacies directly with the consumer for the CHC and Beauty brands. To complete the process the Dayarn platform based CRM captures the activities of the team allowing management to effectively manage the execution and implementation of the marketing plan.


Medical and Regulatory

Protecting the public, protecting the brand.

As the senior management team all come from multinational backgrounds, Dayarn has the knowledge and experience to fully understand the critical importance of these functions. As a result, Dayarn has invested in medical expertise to ensure effective Pharmacovigilance and reporting policies in line with global regulatory standards. This activity is gaining greater focus as corporate risks increase globally for pharmaceutical brands. We at Dayarn Pharma can assure our partners we understand the function and can deliver to the highest standards.



Promoting products with the highest ethical and promotional standards demanded by MNCs

At the heart of Dayarn Pharma are several key core values. Of these, the ethical and compliance standards required by today's international pharmaceutical industry are crucial to each and every one of our business activities. Dayarn Pharma prides itself in understanding this area of business. Its management team has had to implement these strict standards of compliance in MNCs. With our regional knowledge and understanding we know the challenges and conflicts that can take place in a market which can be at odds with ethical promotional standards. We always manage and maintain international requirements.